Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils Gift Set - 100% Pure Premium Therapeutic Grade - Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint 10ml


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Aromatherapy Top 6 Essential Oils Gift Set - 100% Pure Premium Therapeutic Grade - Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint 10ml

About the product
  • Best essential oils starter pack that contains the 6 most popular aromatherapy oils:Sweet Orange, Lavender, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass aroma scent.
  • Our 100% pure scented aromatherapy oils can be used in oil Diffusers, Humidifier, Oil Burners, Air Purifier, Vaporizer and as Spa fragrance.
  • Each essential oil has its own unique therapeutic benefit, from stress relieving Lavender essential to immune system boosting Tea Tree oil.
  • All the essential oils are certified pure natural and can also be used as massage body oils or healing oils.
  • Great starter kit for aroma essential oil beginners and perfect for Gifts

Product Description

FineVine Organics Essential Oil Gift Set

Made from the aromatic essences of plants, FineVine Organics 100% pure essential oil sets give off lovely scent and improve surround air quality. Each of the 10 ml bottles of essential oil provides natural therapeutic benefits for skin and home.

Use a few drops in a diffuser to relax, mix with massage oil or beauty products to receive the therapeutics benefits. Our steam distilled and cold pressed oils are 100% natural, paraben free and perfect for both beginners and essential oil enthusiasts


Lavender Essential Oil - Lavender oil is known for its skin healing properties and its use as a sedative and aromatic.

Tea Tree Essential Oil - is well-known for its powerful antiseptic properties and ability to treat wounds and more

Lemongrass Essential Oil - is used as aromatherapy to relieve muscle pain, kill bacteria, ward off insects, and reduce body aches and more.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - is excellent for congestion, sinus, skin, hair, arthritis, muscle pain, household scent & more

Sweet Orange Essential Oil - Well known for its uplifting and worry-reducing properties, orange oil carries cheerfulness while simultaneously calms, making it ideal as an overall mood enhancer and relaxant.

Peppermint Essential Oil - Its fresh, menthol aroma carries energizing benefits to carry you through the day - perfect scented carrier oil.

FineVine Organics Aromatherapy Essential oil starter set comes safelty sealed in a premium packaging with multiple scents making this a perfect gift for a bridal or baby shower, or anyone needing calming relaxation.

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